You can start at several places on your road to doing sales differently. Here is our list of solutions - or we can design something bespoke to fit your needs after consultation. The aim is to help you get a sense of what we deliver and whether it can be of help to you. Contact us to discuss your needs on any of the topics below.

Growth Audit Process - Workshop

A GAP workshop is usually where we start with sales leaders who want to understand where their main area of focus should be, to enhance team performance.

Together, we assess your tech stack, your processes and your team support approach to determine and advise you on whether there is balance between these counterpoints. i.e. too much tech might overwhelm your people, not enough may inhibit efficiency. This is a snapshot of your sales operation but through a lens of considering the effect of the environment you've built, on your people.

Sales: 180 Degree Turnaround - Masterclass

A 'Quick Start' session with your sales team and leadership exploring practical changes using the Aurate approach. Upgrade your client facing sessions immediately, take the guesswork out of building rapport. Why Sales 180?  Because our method is 180 degrees away from the usual approach by many sales leaders.

Nothing works without your people performing. Why? Because building relationships based on trust are the foundation of your sales results and forecasting. Without strong relationships your forecast will suffer, this affects your results which affects your confidence. You will gain a poor reputation individually and brand/ organisationally - which won’t help you grow market share.

Half day masterclass, online or in person, held with sales leadership and sales team.

Values Elicitation - Workshop

Identifying your values and have them guide your decision making is fundamental in building your company culture. Throughout your company, your people are critical to success and ensuring that they come along on the journey and support your strategic direction with the right behaviours, habits and achievements, building strong and positive relationships depends on having solid values aligned with your purpose. It will also build your reputation as an employer of choice locally thus attracting the best talent.

Half day values elicitation workshop plus 1 x review session, online or in person, held with executive leadership team. Further sessions can be held with us to help you communicate your values, as required.

Mentoring Programmes - Workshops + Support

Mentoring is an excellent way of building self-awareness, understanding of your career path and building a positive, cross-company culture that nurtures your people, at all levels within the organisation. Help your more junior people to learn from more senior and experienced leaders and facilitate your leaders in sharing their wisdom, connections and advice.

Programme design and delivery to set up mentoring across your organisation. Inspiring guidance to communicate effectively and use of tools to develop self-awareness, self-knowledge and insight.

Communication AlchemyTM - Programme

Our flagship programme is designed to take the sales team through specific topics that bring self-awareness, emotional intelligence development and conversational skills to each team member. They are designed to build trust and transparency, improve team morale and grow transformational skills, habits and behaviours in line with your operational objectives. The sessions take around an hour depending on team size and are held once or twice a month, as required.

We can utilise 'habit builder' tools, based on nudge theory and technology to embed desired behaviours and produce data analysis reports on progress. This programme has been a game changer for those who have experienced it.

Nine modules, one hour each, online or in person, held with sales leadership and sales team. Topics are designed by Aurate. Format is a 'leader-led conversation'.

Bespoke - Programmes

Designed around your operational needs a bespoke programme can be designed from scratch, building on Communication Alchemy - or take components of it. We would consult with you on what you need first and advise you accordingly.

For example, we can deliver modules, one hour each, online or in person, held with sales leadership and sales team. Topics are designed with client specific to your needs. Format is a 'leader-led conversation'.

Coaching One-to-One - Packages

Our highly experienced executive coaches offer one-to-one packages, usually 10 sessions over an agreed period of time. The topics covered can be anything from a specific goal such as preparing for a promotion, to improving your general feeling of balance and sense of wellbeing. In addition, we can coach you in the Aurate approach to sales; building better results, relationships and reputation. Talk to us about what you need.

Packages of 10 x one hour sessions, usually online, at any level within the business.

Coaching Groups - Packages

To support your sales team or executive team we can offer coaching on a group basis in conjunction with our programmes or stand-alone. This could be on topics such as 'Conscious Leadership', 'Building Trust', 'Values Elicitation and Embodiment' to name a few.

Packages of sessions, tailored to your needs, online or in person, at any level within the business.