The competency journey is a bridge from failure, to success

Training is great if you need to transfer knowledge. On average, 87% of training knowledge is lost within a month – so to succeed, you must go beyond knowledge transfer towards behaviour change, helpful habits and desired outcomes, to create not just return on investment, ROI, but Return on Impact ROI2(TM).

The alternative is deeper – competency.

We focus on habits and behaviours

It’s good to know, but it’s about what you do with what you know.

  1. We address under-performance root causes with coaching and improved habits and behaviours.
  2. Our structured competency framework codifies connection, creating upgraded self-awareness and emotional intelligence that translates into better sales results, relationships and reputation.
  3. Data is provided to show measurable impact - so you can achieve your targets, goals and organisational objectives.

Embedding behaviour change in teams

Working with our partners we use ‘nudge’ technology to embed new habits to support desired behaviours and align them with organisational objectives – so that you don’t just see an return on investment, but a return on impact of raising competency levels throughout the team.

We are certified by our partners 'Actionable' in designing and running programmes and use nudge technology that provide the behaviour changes needed to be successful. Our framework, content and programmes are owned and written by Aurate and were created as an antidote to outdated sales management and predictable sales 'pitches'.

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