About Aurate

“Aurate exists to help sales and business leaders to improve B2B sales results.

We do this by focusing on your most important and valuable investment – your people.

In short - Aurate helps you ‘click’, on purpose."

Jacqueline Norton, Founder

Aurate is a coaching company. Our mission is to work with enlightened sales leaders across the world to change the reputation of sales people from a negative stereotype, to a reputation of being successful, noble and trusted business professionals.

Our viewpoint is that sales leaders are focused too much on the tech stack and processes - and not enough on the people.

Aurate's coaches have experience in a wide range of topics but fundamentally, we have worked in B2B sales, for sales leaders and as sales leaders and know the challenges you face.

We use coaching and nudge methodology to close the success gap.

Meet the Team

Jacqueline Norton

Founder, Consultant, Coach

Conrad Simpson

Partner, Consultant

Helena Holrick

Partner, Consultant, Coach

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