Get clear on your starting point

Our Growth Audit Process (GAP) is designed to pinpoint what areas of your sales operations may sub-optimal. We look at three areas; your tech stack, your processes and your people. If one or more of these is out of balance or dominating the others, it can lead to multiple issues such as inaccurate forecasting, missed targets and burned-out team members.


Designing your delivery blueprint

Once you have an understanding of what to Fix, Prevent or Improve, we plan a programme of action. This includes coaching for you and/or your team. It may be that you need some external support to think through your action plan. We may jointly decide that a wider programme would work best to change behaviours, habits, morale etc.


Achieve competency through your coaching framework

With around 87% of training being forgotten within a month by most training attendees, it's clear that success is not just about transfer of knowledge. People need a chance to implement, practice, course correct and form habits around your goals and organisational objectives. This is competency - getting good at doing the things that will achieve your desired outcomes.

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